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External Audit Preparation

Smoothen the audit process by preparing an audit file that meets all the requirements of the auditor

For who:
Companies with mandatory financial statement audit requirements that believe an audit can be more efficient and less expensive

Internal Audit Support

Execution of operational audits and or
managing the Internal Audit Function

For who:
Companies with a (potential) internal audit function that expect professionals when executing audits

Data Analytics

Implementation of successful data
analytical procedures to improve and control operational procedures

For who:
Companies that want to further explore data analytics and process mining tooling and techniques

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The Audit Quickscan

The audit quick scan is a data driven scan with the purpose of assessing the availability of information. The scan focusses on 10 points ranging from core processes in combination to master data. The analysis will result in a dashboard that will provide you the insight of improvement opportunities.

Quick scan vendor master data

Records scanned: 7,245


Why Work with us

Client survey results:

Audits Ready delivers the full package to compete an audit
Audit Ready offers a flexible resource solution
No external overruns are charged, saving significant costs

External Audit Preparation

For the mandatory external audit, we enable you to own the audit and save time and costs. Based on our experience we guide the audit including communications with the external auditor. We can prepare the audit file starting from the trial balance review all the way to the
preparation of the financial statements.

Internal Audit Support

We offer a flexible solution to your internal audit needs. We can assist the internal audit team with the execution of operational audits which can be scaled up and down at your convenience.
If you don't have an Internal Audit department but do see the benefits of one, you can outsource the Internal Audit Function to us. With our experience in outsourcing the Internal Audit Function and our experience in conducting audits, you have the quality solution.

What our clients say

"When we approached Audit Ready to help us with preparing the financial statements and completing the audit, the outcome compared to the previous year was a saving of 40% on the audit fee and a saving of 4 months in the throughput time."

One of our clients in the fast moving consumer goods industry over our external audit support.

"Audit Ready presented to us the basic data-analytical training so that we could decide which data mining or process mining tool would serve our best interest. The training was well prepared and it really helped in our decision for selecting the process mining software."

One of our clients in the insurance industry over our training program.

Training & Courses

Permanent Education through sharing our experience and vision is an essential part of Audit Ready. We develop incompany training and courses tailored to your needs with experienced teachers. All our courses can be certified to meet the permanent education requirements.

Data Analytics

Data analytical procedures are nice to execute but even nicer to have implemented within the organization. We use data mining and process mining in our day to day audit procedures and can execute data analytical projects and or help you to implement data analytical procedures in your organization. With our data analysis implementation model we can phase in basic data analytics that do not require expensive tooling and expand this to risk based continuous monitoring.


Feel free to contact us using the contact form on the right. If you want to learn more about our services, including the audit quick scan.